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Believer’s Academy in Florida is graduating 97% of their students!Lori Dyer

Ms. Dyer and her team of skillful and passionate educators give second chances to middle and high school students who are at-risk of dropping out of school.  These students may have low IQs, intense behavioral issues or severe learning disabilities, but their challenges do not stop them from getting ahead.  Since 2004, 97% of students attending Believers Academy are gainfully employed.  Now that’s an achievement!

Lori Dyer, Founder of Believers Academy, Palm Beach, Florida



Transition is Happening for Special Education Students in Texas!

Autism student shines in animal care class!

Ms. Cortney chose Project Discovery to support several high schools in her district. She integrated Project Discoverycory 2 adapted modules into a district-wide transition program to teach students with special needs, many of whom were not expected to do well academically or vocationally.  Today, students, like Cory Roth, a young man with autism, works in his community doing small animal care for a veterinary clinic.

Teresa Cortney, TX Transition Specialist, Klein ISD, Texas



I’m Your #1 Fan!

Employers Know That if a Student Completes a Project Discovery Curriculum,

they are ready for entry-level or assisted employment.Greenhouse product

Ms. Squires changed the way her district implemented transition planning and vocational education. Within two years of implementation, she decreased the dropout rate by 30% and students were excited to come to school and learn real work skills. She also told us: She has written more meaningful transition plans.

  • Her school achieved a 90% rate of transition to employment or high school diploma for all students.
  • Students and parents are proud of the job skills demonstrated by ability level.
  • Employers know that if a student finishes Project Discovery they are ready for entry level work. 
  • Teachers are convinced that this program, with its ease of implementation and real work experiences, is a catalyst for success.

“Project Discovery changed the way we pursue transition planning and vocational education for Special Education students in our district.   For years the dropout rate for special education students was at 50%. Students could not see the point in staying in school just to get an attendance diploma. Within two years of implementing Project Discovery Career Development we had decreased our dropout rate by 30%.  Students were so excited to come to school and learn real work skills. In the years since we began using Project Discovery, we have been able to write meaningful transition plans for all of our students and we have achieved a 90% rate of transition to employment or high school diploma for all of our students. Students and parents are proud of the skills demonstrated when they leave our program. Employers know that if a student finishes our curriculum they are ready for entry level or assisted employment. Our teachers are convinced that this program with its ease of implementation and real work experiences has been the catalyst for our success.  I’m  your #1 Fan!”

Karen Squires, Director of Special Education, Red River School District, LA





We love hearing from educators and appreciate all they do to successfully transition their students!

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QuoteGreenT. Collins, High School Teacher, Bronson Middle/High School | Bronson, Florida

“Our students get to see what the responsibilities of different occupations are before making a decision on what they want to become. Some of my students have talked about how they may want to work in a greenhouse or nursery because they see what they have to do and they can do those things.”


QuoteGreenP. Israel, Teacher, Granville Central High School | Stem, North Carolina

“This curriculum has given me a new motivation as to why I love working with exceptional children.  I feel great satisfaction seeing my students learn new things that may not have been possible.”


QuoteGreenK. Stark, Teacher,  Buffalo High School | Buffalo, Missouri

“One of my students went through the Pet Care module and is now   doing a work experience job with a local veterinarian. I’ve been told that this is probably going to turn into a real job for him after graduation. Wonderful news!”


QuoteGreenK. Coleman, Teacher, Jordan-Matthews High School | Siler City, North Carolina

“The adapted version of Project Discovery really helped my students learn how germs spread in a visual way. This also helped them to understand what job duties are required of a food service worker.

After using the activity about the spreading of germs, I asked a student to wash the plates with red on them. After washing the plates, she brought one to me, I flipped over the plate and showed me the red paint still on bottom. “Oh,” she said, “I didn’t know the germs were still there!”  She got the the real life connection to how germs spread and the importance of cleaning dishes thoroughly.”


QuoteGreenJ. Tipton, Special Education Teacher, Midland Valley High School | Graniteville, South Carolina

“Project Discovery touches all learning styles and my students need that exposure.  I like that the lessons and activities are customizable to help me reach each student’s ability level.  You have given us (the teacher) the ability to adapt the lessons so every student can be involved.”


QuoteGreenH. Myers, Special Education Teacher, Camden Middle School | Camden, South Carolina

“The students who have used the materials previously had a better understanding of what jobs in those fields entail and were better able to answer screenings for transition services.”

“Students new to the kits were able to gain an understanding of the jobs and what they would need to do in order to obtain a job.  Also what skills they needed to build on in order to be effective. These kits help them to develop a background of knowledge to pull from for future questions/assessments about job skills.”


QuoteGreenG. Hall, Teacher,  Fleming County High School, Flemingsburg, Kentucky

“My classroom started a weekly coffee house for the staff.  Now, students have real-world experience in a work environment. Very cool idea!”


QuoteGreenC. Nelson, Teacher, Green Run High School | Portsmouth, Virginia

“Project Discovery provides students with marketable job skills that will help them be successful as working members of society.”

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