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Beyond Volunteerism: Why Service Learning is Right for Your Students

Community service projects and required volunteerism have been a standing part of educational curriculum in the United States for many years. The implementation of service learning into educational lessons and planning, however, is revolutionizing the quality of teaching and learning … Read More

Want to Increase Your Students Engagement? Try Hands-On Activities with Project-Based Learning in Your Classroom

Are you looking for resources to actively engage your students in the classroom? Check out  “3 Ways to Increase Student Engagement Through Hands-On Activities,” which offers alternatives to teaching students only with a textbook. After a summer of “doing” things, … Read More

Breakthrough Career Education Research for Students with Autism and Developmental Disabilities: Hands-On Instruction with Video Modeling Increases Career Knowledge and Job Skills Over 55%

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Oct. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Amy Spriggs of the University of Kentucky, a leading authority on Special Education and evidence-based teaching methodologies, just concluded a beta test research project using Project Discovery, a hands-on career education curriculum with systematic instruction … Read More

Starbucks is Showcasing Florida Car Wash That Has 35 Employees With Autism

Rising Tide Car Wash in Parkland, FL is a local business giving job opportunities to people with autism. Their story is being highlighted by Starbucks’ video campaign, Upstanders, in a piece entitled “Employing the Full Spectrum.” Inspired by his son, … Read More

New Autism Research: Systematic Instruction of Hands-on Career Education with Video Modeling Increases Job Skills for Students with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities

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Got ONE Minute? Louisiana Flooding Victims Need Our Help. One minute, one text, will help thousands: Text $10

We have been honored to work with the transition teachers of Louisiana to get their students career ready and life ready. All of us are asking how we can help. There are a variety of simple ways to quickly and … Read More

JC Penney Shows Sensitivity and Support to Back-To-School Shoppers With Autism

We are seeing an increasing number of stores and theaters demonstrate sensitivity to make their settings welcoming and enjoyable for those with autism. JC Penney created a special shopping event for these shoppers opening three hours early to hold a … Read More

Hands-On Curriculum Motivates Adult Students with Special Needs to Learn, Grow and Communicate

Philadelphia Student Growers Talk about Their Hands-On Career Education Experience. Adult student participates in greenhouse transition program at MLK Each summer, something extraordinary happens on the campus of the Martin Luther King High School in Philadelphia, PA. Young adult students, … Read More

Stop the Bullying! Be the Difference. Sale on Bullying Curriculum.

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In honor of Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, Project Discovery is offering 20% off of the following lifelong learning curriculum titles: Bullying, Cyberbullying, Workplace Bullying, and Internet Safety. Nearly 1/3 of all students ages 12-18 are bullied on a daily basis. … Read More

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Transition Curriculum that Works! Are you looking for a hands-on career exploration transition curriculum with lessons and tools to teach marketable job skills? Do you have students at risk and with severe learning challenges? We can also personalize a program … Read More